Terms & Conditions


It is the policy of Lynwood Consultancy Services Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Lynwood) not to enter into a contractual agreement that could be restrictive to one or both parties; therefore pre-arranged visits may be cancelled by either party subject to 21 working days notice or the application of the cancellation fee as shown within these terms and conditions.

Where Lynwood is cited as Health & Safety Consultants, it would be an integral part of the agreement to be engaged by the Client for at least one day per quarter year to formally review or audit the status of the Client’s health & safety arrangements. Additional days can be arranged at the normal day rate to assist with the documenting or development of your management system.

When Lynwood is cited as the Health & Safety or management system consultants a free of charge telephone support services is provided to the Client in order to assist with any queries that can be adequately and quickly dealt with by this means.

Confidentiality Statement:

 Confidentiality is an integral part of the wide range of professional services offered by Lynwood. Information obtained would remain the intellectual property of the Client and as such will not at any time be divulged to third parties. Recommendations offered will be based on alternatives available and will be provided in good faith by Lynwood. Final decision-making remains with the Client.

Further to these terms:

  1. The fee will be that agreed between Lynwood and its clients.
  2. Payment may be made by cash, cheque, BACs or by card in accordance with invoices issued.
  3. Lynwood reserves the right to issue weekly statements, at a cost of £25 per statement, to organisations or individuals where payment becomes overdue.
  4. Lynwood may be commissioned to undertake projects consisting of a specified number of days work or to fulfill a specific task. Alternatively they may be retained to provide ongoing consultancy.
  5. Payment for projects are due prior to commencement of said project.
  6. Organisations cancelling consultancy appointments within 14 days of scheduled delivery shall be liable for the full invoice amount. Where booked dates are re-scheduled at the client’s request Lynwood reserves the right to award a discount without prejudice to this clause.
  7. “Re-scheduled dates”, as referred to in clause 6 above, means in addition to dates already booked or to the number of dates serviced under normal circumstances.
  8. “Working days”, for the purpose of these terms and conditions, are the days that would be expected to be worked under normal circumstances i.e. not to include bank holidays or breaks notified by Lynwood.

Training Terms & Conditions


This is a legal agreement between you (the individual for private bookings or the organisation which you represent for all other bookings) and Lynwood for the purchase of training and associated provisions. By booking training or training provisions, whether by completing the online booking form or any other means, you confirm your agreement with these terms and conditions, which will bind you and/or your organisation to them.

These terms and conditions apply in all circumstances and nullify any other agreement assumed, implied or taken in any other way to exist.

These terms and conditions include:

  1. Training materials provided by Lynwood, or any of their accreditation bodies, must not be copied accept where such copying is necessary for the purpose of the training provided.
  2. Training course content and materials are not to be provided or otherwise made available, in part or in whole, to any person without prior written consent from Lynwood.
  3. Allocated places on courses are provisional until:
    a. Written confirmation of the booking has been received by Lynwood
    b. Payment has been made and funds are cleared
    c. Joining instructions have been issued by Lynwood
  4. Bookings will be confirmed by Lynwood, so far as we are enabled, at least 2 weeks prior to course commencement.
  5. Payment can be made by cheque, cash, bank transfer or card.
  6. Payment for places on courses is due on booking.
  7. Where an agreement has been made to invoice for training said invoice is due for payment on its issue.
  8. In every event all funds must be cleared in the bank before the first day of training.
  9. In the event of late payment weekly statements of account, accompanied by an invoice, will be issued, for up to 4 weeks, at a cost to the booking agent of £25 per payment overdue.
  10. Where courses are certified said certification will not be issued and will remain the property of Lynwood until all payments are made in full.
  11. VAT will be applied to all training fees at the current local rate.
  12. Cancellation within 14 days of booking training will attract a full refund unless the booking was made within 14 days of course commencement. Otherwise the following cancellation periods will apply.
  13. Cancellation within 14 days of the course will not attract a refund.
  14. Cancellation prior to 14 days before course commencement shall attract a refund less 25% administration fee. The place(s) will be cancelled on receipt of payment. If payment has not been received by 14 days before course commencement the original course invoice will stand.
  15. Cancellations must be made in writing, either letter or email, and should include the course commencement date, delegate’s name, employer and invoice number.
  16. Delegates may transfer from a course to the next available like course not less than 14 full days prior to course commencement free of charge. Transfer with 14 days of course commencement will amount to the cancellation of the first course.
  17. Where delegates transfer to a later course the invoice remains due as per the original course dates.
  18. Each delegate may transfer only once.
  19. Courses will not be cancelled by Lynwood without extreme cause. In which case delegates will be offered alternative training dates, a credit or a refunded.
  20. Lynwood reserves the right to refuse training provision to candidates whose presence is, for whatever reason, deemed to be inappropriate.
  21. Lynwood is not responsible for events outside of its reasonable control (Force Majeure).

Course Guarantee

Some of the courses offered by Lynwood are offered with a guaranteed pass in that should anyone fail such a course Lynwood will re-teach/re-assess as many times as is required to ensure that the delegate gains certification. In order to take advantage of this offer delegates must follow any instructions given to them by their trainer. This guarantee is intended to help people who have experienced difficulty in assimilating the information provided. Under circumstances where this failing is of the delegate’s (or their employer’s) own making this guarantee will not apply, such as where:

  1. The continued presence of the delegate has been deemed to be inappropriate and they have been asked to leave the training.
  2. The delegate has failed to adhere to set time frames e.g. for the submission of course work.
  3. The delegate has been offered guidance and they have rejected the guidance/failed to utilise the guidance offer.
  4. The training terms and conditions have not been met.

Where delegates qualify for the guarantee they will be offered a place on the next like for like course that is run in the Lynwood training suit, which has available places on it. On training where course books have been issued delegates taking advantage of this guarantee must use the books issued to them on their original course.